I came to Canada at the age of 21 and pursued an accounting degree for a career. During my time at school I worked in a fast food restaurant to earn some income not realizing that this was where my passion lay. I grew to love the hustle and bustle of the diner with the food preparation and most importantly customer service. It gave me immense pleasure to serve the customers and watch them leave happy.

I purchased “Food Time” restaurant from the previous owner who decided to retire. I saw huge potential in applying what I had learned from my job at the diner to serve Durham.

For me “Food Time” is about authenticity, traditions, good quality food with fresh ingredients and happy customers. My aim is to serve the Durham region with delicious Pakistani and Indian food that has become highly popular. I am so proud and grateful to have customers who come all way from Hamilton to Ottawa. This tells me that I am doing something right!

I remember my mom’s cooking as being the best and I want to instill those memories in my patrons to keep them coming back. I also think that feedback makes the experience even better. I love listening to people and applying what they have said to the menu.

My message is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality, great taste and healthy options by eating out. We have something for everyone.

“Food Time” is my passion and I am honoured to serve you like family!